Answers to frequently asked questions from customers. Please refer to it.

About Reservation

Q.Can I make a reservation?

A.We accept “accommodation reservations” and “women’s association reservations” on the official website.

Q.Can I choose a room when making a reservation?

A.You cannot specify the room number, but you can choose “open-air bath”, “rock bath”, “with dry sauna”, or “non-smoking or smoking”.

Q.Can I make a reservation for a break?

A.We accept reservations onlyfor accommodation.

About usage fee

Q.Can I stay with my family? In that case, what will happen to the child fee?

A.Yes. You can use it.* ¥0 for children under elementary school age * ¥ 3,000 (excluding tax) per elementary school student. For junior high school students and above, the room charge will be increased by 50% for each person.

Q.Is it possible for multiple people to use it? Also, how much is the charge in that case?

A.It can accommodate up to 4 people.If one person is added, the room charge will be increased by 50%.

Q.Is it possible to pay by credit card?

A.You can use it.AMERICAN EXPRESS VISA JCB DinersClub MasterCard

Q.Is it possible to pay by cashless payment?

A.You can use it.

About Service

Q.Can I order meals 24 hours a day?

A.Yes. Is possible.However, the special menu is until midnight.

Q.Is there a menu for children? Also, do you have pajamas, habrushes, etc. for children?

A.I’m sorry, we are currently in the process of devising.

Q.I would like to use it for accommodation, do I need accommodation goods?

A.We have more than100 types of support items so that you can use it empty-handed. Please note that the number is limited.

About Equipment

Q.Is it barrier-free?

A.We are sorry, but we do not support it at this time.

Q.Does every room have a hot spring?

A.Yes. Natural hot springs are available in all rooms.

Q.Do you have an extra bed?

A.I’m sorry, we don’t have it.

Q.Can I use Wi-Fi?

A.Free in all roomsIt is available at.


A.Do you have non-smoking rooms?You can choose when you enter the room.

Q.Do you have a DVD deck?

A.There is no room available, but all rooms useVOD (Video on Demand)for free.

Q.Do you have karaoke?

A.I’m sorry. We do not have karaoke facilities.

Q.Do you have a vending machine?

A.It is available in the room.We also have water servers in all rooms.

About parking lot

Q.Is there a parking lot for two cars?

A.Please use the second parking lot along Route 23.

Q.Can high roof cars be parked?

A.You can use it if the vehicle height is less than 2.48m.

Q.Is there a parking lot for electric cars?

A.We have 3 cars available.Customers are required to prepare the cables themselves.


Q.Is it possible to go out?

A.Is possible.As a procedure for going out, you will be required to settle the break / accommodation fee once.

Q.Is it possible to specify a room?

A.Of course, we will inform you if the desired room is available when you visit us. If you wait for a vacancy, we will guide you in the order of the rooms we have prepared.

Q.Is it possible to stay consecutive nights?

A.Yes. Is possible.In that case, you will have to pay once every 24 hours for crime prevention.

Q.Is it possible for women and men to use each other?

A.Please refrain from using it with 2 men.

Q.What about things left behind?

A.Please contact us. Eating and drinking will be disposed of on the day for hygiene reasons. Except for eating and drinking, we will store it for 3 months.

Q.Can I enter the room by myself?

A.You can use it.

Q.Do you have a handwritten receipt?

A.I prepared it.Please let us know when you check out.